Michael Jordan Breaks Silence on George Floyd Murder


Hooper-natural, six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan made an uncharacteristic, yet extremely eloquent, political statement addressing the heinous George Floyd murder.

Michael Jordan, a.k.a. the coolest dude to ever lace up a pair of sneakers refuses to put a sock in it, he released a powerful, poignant political statement this weekend regarding ingrained racism in America and police brutality.  In the past, Jordan has shied away from the political sphere. However, due to the current political climate, the flagrant flaunting of racism and the overt abuse of power by law enforcement, Jordan has decided to come forward and publicly voice support for the black community.

The Charlotte Hornets, the NBA team Jordan currently owns, published a statement on his behalf.  Jordan explained that although he usually refrains from engaging in political discussions, the current political culture demanded action.  He emphasizes that “collective voices show strength,” and that in order to create a culture of compassion and tolerance people must unite and speak out against injustice.  Jordan directly addressed George Floyd’s family and the many other victims who have suffered at the hands of a hateful, corrupt and inherently racist justice system.   

Michael Jordan may have been #23 on the courts, but after reading his impactful words he is certainly #1 in our hearts. The former Chicago Bulls star has really moved us, we commend him for using his platform to shed light on such an important, relevant cause.