David Dobrik Donated to Black Lives Matter and Wants Your Help Too

NBC/Andrew Lipovsky

David Dobrik protested in Santa Monica this past Sunday to support Black Lives Matter and took to Instagram to encourage others to support as well.

“Feeling the energy of fellow humans demanding to be acknowledged, heard, and respected was overwhelmingly impactful,” said Dobrik in a recent Instagram post. “Even though I will never be able to fully understand the struggles of black people in our society, I am proud to stand with the black lives matter movement.”

Dobrik donated $10,500 to the Innocence Project, which assists those who are wrongly convicted and aids in criminal justice system reform. Dobrik has also donated $10,000 to organizations Color of Change, ACLU Foundation, Unicorn Riot, and Black Lives Matter.

Color of Change is notable for fighting for racial equality in our political systems. Similarly, the ACLU Foundation works to protect people’s constitutional rights and civil liberties, while Unicorn Riot is dedicated to exposing the root causes of dynamic social issues. Black Lives Matter is dedicated to ending white supremacy and violence inflicted on black communities and is at the forefront of the ongoing protests.


“There are so many different ways a person can get involved and help,” said Dobrik. “If you don’t have the means to donate, you can send out a tweet, talk to a friend, or just lend a listening ear to someone that needs to be heard. Stay safe out there!”

You can contribute to the cause by following the organizations Dobrik donated to on Instagram: @innocenceproject, @colorofchange, @aclu_nationwide, @unicorn.riot, and @blklivesmatter