You Have to See How Yungblud Is Using His Platform to Support Black Lives Matter


Alternative rock singer-songwriter, Yungblud, is using his platform to not only support Black Lives Matter, but to also educate his followers, show love to his fans and fellow protesters by expressing his feelings through words, actions, music and tweets.    

Over the weekend, Yungblud raised his voice on the topic of George Floyd’s death, sharing petitions, offering resources, and reposting links on social media that would shine a light on the depth of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He also offered words of wisdom, reinforcement, and hope to his followers through intricately crafted and relevant Twitter posts.

Most importantly, the singer crafted two homemade videos breaking down how we can’t just be not racist, but have to be anti-racist. 

The first was a two-minute-long sit down where Yungblud simply talked to the camera saying things such as, “Now is not the time to keep your mouth shut,” and urged people to think with an open heart just as much as with an open mind.

The second, was in the style of spoken word, something Yungblud has intertwined into his music in the past, so his hip-hop style of speaking and an ABAB rhyme scheme was passionate and familiar.

“Because justice for humanity is vital and right, and now is the time to fight for a stranger’s life,” he explains in the homemade video, of which has amassed almost 200,000 views in 24 hours.

He also attended the Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, live streaming video from the event and praising ex-girlfriend and pop-phenomenon Halsey, for bringing medical supplies to those who were wounded throughout the day.

Yungblud might be an English born performer with roots overseas, but that has never and will never, stop him from speaking up on world affairs that he feels strongly about.