Urban Decay Donates to Minnesota Freedom Fund and Black Lives Matter

Urban Decay Website

In alliance with the Black Lives Matter movement, makeup brands and companies have been coming together to show support.

One of which is Urban Decay, who has offered to donate their proceeds to funds like the Minnesota Freedom Fund and Black Lives Matter movements.

There is no word as to how much is being donated to each of these funds, but any little penny counts towards helping stop the injustice towards black people in America.

Urban Decay joins a list of companies who are willing to contribute monetarily for a cause that matters most to them. Many other fashion and beauty brands have made statements to donate over the course of the week, including Glossier, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Jessica Alba’s Honest Company.

Supporters of the makeup brand have been in agreement and appreciate the company for using their platform for justice.

We expect to see more fashion and beauty brands take part in showcasing what it means to fight for their rights. For more information on the Minnesota Freedom Fund and Black Lives Matter, visit here and here.