Trevor Noah Defends George Floyd Protests: ‘Police in America Are Looting Black Bodies’

Monty Brinton/CBS

Have you seen Trevor Noah’s impassioned video addressing the toxic political climate?

Political commentator and “The Daily Show” television host Trevor Noah released an impassioned video supporting the George Floyd protests. Noah swapped his typically satirical, wit-ridden tone for a more serious, somber one.

During Friday night’s at-home episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah addressed the disheartening political climate and the wave of activism that has taken the nation by storm in response. Noah defended protestors, claiming that their actions, although dismissed or characterized by critics as damaging or disruptive, are completely appropriate and within the scope of reason.  


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He claims that police brutality has stained the face of America and created a climate of fear and skepticism amongst the black community; the people who are supposed to lessen feelings of panic and anxiety (law enforcement), are only amplifying it.

Noah claims that Police in America Are Looting Black Bodies.’ He maintains that looting a Target is a provocative act intended to command attention to a cause that has often been swept aside or minimized.  The deep-rooted, historical disregard for black bodies is the foundation in which America was built; on the back of slavery and racism.

Trevor Noah’s powerful, poignant words come at a much needed time. We live in a world where a Black American cannot walk at night (#trayvonmartin), go on a run (#aumaudarbery), play loud music (#jordandavis), leave a party (#jordanedwards), and so much more, without fearing for their lives. Thank you Trevor Noah for standing in solidarity and voicing your support. We cannot believe we have to say, to argue, that these lives matter. #blacklivesmatter