Sierra Deaton Pens an Important and Personal Message on the Black Lives Matter Movement


Sierra Deaton took to Twitter to express her support for #BlackLivesMatter and share a personal message on the importance of solidarity.

On Sunday, singer-songwriter Sierra Deaton started a thread on Twitter in which she described how “peaceful and organized” the Los Angeles #BlackLivesMatter protest was, further writing about how everyone she met was kind and considerate.

She went on to say that she believes this world needs to be a better place for future generations of all backgrounds. This message came after Deaton witnessed a little girl shouting “What’s going on?” toward the protestors.

The multi-talented performer concluded her thread with a glimmer of insight into what she recently and devastatingly encountered as a non-black person of color, demonstrating that while racism is not strictly a White and Black issue,  #BlackLivesMatter needs to be recognized by everyone.

The 29-year-old is no stranger to standing her ground and speaking up for what she believes in. Deaton often takes to social media to connect with fans about everything from music to current events to everyday life.

Sierra’s approach to acknowledging the global and societal issues at hand was one of personal tragedy and individualized understanding, but with her platform, she was able to share her experience and educate her fans and followers on where she stands on the matter of racial violence, equality, and #BlackLivesMatter. 

Thank you, Sierra, for using your voice!