See How Harry Styles Is Supporting Black Lives Matter

NBC/Will Heath

Harry Styles is standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter by donating money to help bail out arrested participants of the peaceful protests.

Like Chrissy Teigen, who vouched to donate $200,000 for participants who needed to be bailed out after massive protests, Harry Styles is contributing to the same cause.

Styles urged society to become anti-racist, as opposed to simply ‘not racist,’ and acknowledged that every day, he experiences white privilege within our society. Styles also noted that he does not fear for his life as a white man and that no one, regardless of their skin color, should be afraid either.

While Styles does have the advantage of such a massive platform, we must remember that we can also contribute to the ongoing activism without platforms of the same size. What matters is that all of us do our part in ending systemic racism by educating ourselves and others.