Michelle Phan Urges Us to Stand up and Continue to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement


With the tragic murder of George Floyd, celebrities have been using their platforms to champion justice, and Michelle Phan, an American makeup artist, is no exception.

Phan started to gain recognition on YouTube over a decade ago by posting makeup tutorials on the platform. Her viral makeup videos such as “Barbie Transformation Tutorial” and “Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look” attracted the attention of viewers, and made a successful career on the platform. She’s credited as one of the original beauty gurus in the YouTube platform and inspired other makeup artists to start their makeup/beauty channels on YouTube as well. Although she’s not very active on YouTube anymore and cited her mental health as part of the reason for taking a break a few years ago, she has started her own successful makeup company (EM Cosmetics) and transitioned to be a successful businesswoman.

After a decade of being in the public eye, Phan still exemplifies class and dignity and encourages us to open our hearts and mind.

Throughout this sensitive time, Phan still tells her audience that everyone should be treated equally with respect and the pursuit of freedom should be a basic human right. She acknowledges that the black community has been treated unfairly and we shouldn’t repeat the same horrific mistakes of the past.

She also reveals that EM Cosmetics will be donating to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund to pay respect to George Floyd and honor victims who suffered from racial injustice.