Keke Palmer Shares Wisdom About Black Lives Matter Protests

GMA3: STRAHAN, SARA & KEKE – 10/16/19
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Keke Palmer shared some wisdom about why people sometimes turn to violence when it comes to protesting against police brutality and oppression.

The Scream Queens star and talk show host took to Instagram TV on Sunday and shared a passage from her personal writings, entitled “Sharing My Thoughts.” “Writing down how I feel really helps me gather my thoughts. What are y’all feeling like?” her caption wrote.


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I can’t keep it in. Writing down how i feels really helps me gather my thoughts. What are y’all feeling like?

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Keke also took the liberty to share her thoughts about the violence against protesters on Twitter. While Palmer is an advocate for pacifism and peaceful protests, she also understands why some people resort to aggressive motives in the name of justice. Those motives are cries for help due to exhaustion from being treated unfairly.

Some viewers took notice to Keke’s writing, feeling both inspired and empowered by her words.

Keke is also known for her well-endowed writing through books. In 2016, she wrote a memoir titled I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice which received positive critical reviews. We love how Keke Palmer has been sharing her wisdom during this crisis and are looking forward to what else she may have to say. Follow her Instagram to keep up with her and her thoughts.