Join DreamDoll in the Black Lives Matter Movement


Former Bad Girls Club and Love and Hip Hop cast member DreamDoll joins protesters in New York to bring justice for George Floyd. 

The peaceful protest DreamDoll attended took place on June 1st, 2020 in Times Square. Alongside DreamDoll, was former co-star, Mariah Lynn. Both marched together in hopes to bring awareness to the death of George Floyd.

After she posted about the protest, many of her friends and fans decided to join her, and also attended the peaceful protest.

The sign she carried around said ‘Silence is Violence,‘ and ‘Black Lives Matter.’ DreamDoll then sends her love to everyone in the community who came out to support this event.

I will keep sharing and using my platform until there is justice,” DreamDoll said in a recent Instagram video.

DreamDoll is trying to use her platforms to not only bring Justice for Floyd but to make a real change in the world. If able, make sure to donate, educate yourself, or sign the petitions to bring justice for Floyd.