Janelle Monáe Takes to Social Media to Fight for Black Lives Matter

CBS/Terence Patrick

The Dirty Computer singer used her social media accounts to express her support for the movement.

Over the weekend, many celebrities marched on the streets, made donations, shared resources, and so much more to support the protests happening around the country. The protests sparked after the death of George Floyd, an African American man killed by a police officer in Minnesota.

Monáe used her Twitter account to express her anger, show her support for protesters, and share numerous petitions and donation funds with her fans. She also advocated for the power of elections, affirming that she will be voting in November.

She participated in a “chain donation” for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a non-profit organization helping protesters who have been arrested pay their bail. The chain involved celebrities like Noname and Yara Shahidi matching each other’s donations.

Over at Instagram, Monáe shared ways for fans to help, including a petition calling for District Attorney Mike Freeman to arrest the officers involved in the George Floyd case. “I’m tired of talking and begging. This is a step,” she wrote on the caption. “WE NEED SYSTEMATIC CHANGE and LONGTERM JUSTICE.”

If you want to help support Black Lives Matter, click here to find petitions to sign, places to donate to, resources to help protesters, and more.