Indya Moore’s Instagram Is a Hub for Social Justice


Following George Floyd’s death, Moore has used their social platform to lift voices protesting police brutality. 

Indya Moore (they / them / theirs) is a model and actor known for their role as Angel Evangelista in the FX television show Pose. As a transgender and non-binary person of color, Moore has also become an icon for social justice and cultural change. In fact, Moore’s talent and activism earned them a spot on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2019.

Throughout their career, Moore has often used Instagram to support social movements and nonprofits, including Black Lives Matter and Global Action Project. 

This week, a video of a police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck went viral. Hours later, Minneapolis erupted with protests demanding justice for Floyd’s wrongful death. Since the news of Floyd’s death broke, Moore has shared several posts on Instagram calling for action and supporting the protester’s efforts. 

Moore also used their Instagram bio to share helpful links for visitors, guiding followers to educate themselves donate to organizations supporting protesters in Minneapolis. 


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Hey I know alot of white folks and other non black people of color require alot of learning to unlearn, particularly around anti black racism, if there is anything you can do for us its to educate yourself. The comment sections and the captions and the occasional images you see scrolling instagram just won’t do. @damianbao sent me a complied list of educational resources to help you understand white supremacy, systemic racism, and what it means to have privilege, and how your actions/inactions impact racially marginalized people particularly black folks. Please see the list Link in my bio to obtain the Google drive docs. [Link is now live] Please, use it, alot of labor went into creating this. Ya’ll I’ve exhausted myself. I’m going to rest, so I can put my labor and capacity to use in more actionable ways that can create long-term impact. Mt partner reminds me Outrage, will eventually simmer down and many folks will return to their every day lives until the next murder to be out raged again. Its an actionless cycle that I want us all not to get caught up in because it does nothing for liberation. .. Our Joy and the preservation of our emotional health is also an act of resistance, an act of healing and emotional resilience from our own emotional pain. though it may not be enough to liberate us from the system, our joy can liberate us from suffering [as deeply]. I encourage each and everyone one of you beautiful black folks, to participate in something that makes you happy and builds you up from the inside out, but do it intentionally. Decide it. Log off for a sec and be there for yourself, and let’s work and walk together to make our collective liberation a real destination every day. As I continue to learn from the work of ground organizers, I will help share some actionable ways we can mobilize ourselves and eachother. This Pandemic does make it a challenge.. But not for those who are looking to destroy the lives and pride of black folks we gotta work harder at our liberation than those working to keep us down. I love you ALL immensely, take care 🖤

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Anyone who wants to learn more about George Floyd’s death, trans rights, or other social issues can follow Indya Moore on Instagram. As one of the world’s most influential people, Moore will always inspire those who want to make the world a better place.