Hear What Adele Has to Say About Racism in America

CBS/ Phil McCarten

See what the popular singer has to say in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Over the past few days, many celebrities have spoken up about the injustice surrounding George Floyd’s death. His death has become synecdochic for all of the wrongful deaths by police brutality that the black community has suffered from. Now, joining that list of celebrity allies is Adele.

The popular singer currently has 37.4 million followers on Instagram, and on Monday she used her platform to spread awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement. In her most recent post, she urges her fans to maintain their focus on this important cause while exercising vigilance. She concludes her message with a vow to firmly stand with the black community as an ally.

For more information on how the NAACP is planning on bringing justice to George Floyd and where to sign the petition to do so,  click on the link posted on their Twitter page.

Change is happening, and we are proud to see so many celebrities like Adele playing an active role in enacting this change.