Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Lights, Boldly Supports Black Lives Matter


This Canadian female musician flexes girl power in support of the black lives matter movement and she’s not beating around the bush.

Electro-pop musician, LIGHTS, posted to her Instagram account on May 31, 2020, a straightforward message in support of the black lives matter movement. Her caption for the post is quite frank, partly reading, “I’ll keep putting sh** in my stories too as I find useful links. Do the same if u can. #blacklivesmatter.”

Her Instagram story, posted the same day, showed footage of her attendance in what appeared to be a protest of hundreds of people. Signs were held into the air reading, “Black & Indigenous Lives Matter,” and “That’s Not A Chip On My Shoulder That’s Your Foot On My Neck.”

LIGHTS’ husband, frontman of American metalcore band Bless the Fall and owner of Golden Hearts Media, passionately shared a video on his Instagram of the protest. His post shared the location being Vancouver, BC. He even asked to be informed if anyone recognized someone in the video so that they could be tagged. He matches his synthpop wife’s assertiveness: “repost, share, do whatever just spread the word #blacklivesmatter.”

Warning: Tearjerker ahead. He also shares an overwhelmingly compassionate caption in a repost of a Tick Tock video of a young African American girl courageously speaking out against racism that went viral following the horrific death of George Floyd. Now that’s a power couple.


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This video absolutely crushed my soul -— I was lucky enough to grow up with beautiful strong black family members (my uncle and cousins) I was lucky enough to have friends of ALL colors and ethnicities. I’m half Mexican (can u believe it? 😆) Racism anywhere in my vicinity was not and has not ever been tolerated. Not at school, not at shows, not in the locker room. It’s time to take a stand: If you’re not a person of color and you see blatant racism or stereotyping taking place in front of you, say something. Stand up for what you believe is right. Don’t look away. Our fellow human beings shouldn’t have to fight this fight alone because they have more melanin in their skin. You can’t turn a blind eye anymore. The protests and even the rioting going on right now might seem extreme to some people but maybe it’s necessary. I don’t condone the senseless looting of local businesses but you get a mixed bag of people. Most out there for a cause and some out there to cause destruction. Either way it’s built up anger that you’re seeing. All I’m saying is you can’t push and push and push and expect people not to eventually push back. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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Like mother, like daughter (and father), LIGHTS shared a heart-melting tweet quoting their six-year-old daughter, Rocket Wild Bokan, speaking of the beauty of doing unto others.

The singer was born with the full name Valerie Anne Poxleitner, but later legally changed her name to Lights. She has actively shared links via her Instagram story to sign the petition to demand justice for George Floyd and make donations.

You can engage in and support the black lives matter movement from home through LIGHTS’ social media.