We All Need to Hear Lizzo’s Message to Minneapolis Protestors

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The Truth Hurts singer, who lived in Minneapolis early on in her career, took to Instagram yesterday to voice support for those protesting in the city following the death of George Floyd.

Lizzo is one of many celebrities using their platforms to support the Black Lives Matter movement and stress the ever-prevalent need to take action and reflect, asking “What would happen if those in power defunded the police, dismantled their racist culture and corrupt power structures?”.

Lizzo’s words are important at any time but are especially pertinent following the death of Floyd, who was killed last week after being taken into police custody by a white officer. The policeman responsible was charged with third-degree murder late last week.

Floyd’s death has sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the U.S that are set to continue into this week. While Lizzo acknowledged that “tensions are high and a lot of injustices are happening”, she offered supportive words of hope, telling viewers “I stand with Minneapolis. I believe in us. Change is gonna come”. She concluded her video by asking viewers not to share the video of Floyd’s death but instead “Share the protest, share the messaging. Share the movement”, since “This is about honoring his life and honoring lives of people of color and black people”.

As police brutality against black citizens continues to go unchecked, Lizzo’s videos are a call to action we all must heed if we are to truly work towards racial equality.


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Thank you. Take a deep breath and let that sink in.

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You can watch both Lizzo’s messages in full above, and show your support for Black Lives Matter by following the links to charitable resources in her bio.