Nick Cannon Joins the Front Lines at George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis


Celebrities have spoken up about the injustices in our country and police brutality after the death of George Floyd.

The video of George Floyd’s death took over the internet, sparking protests around the country. On Friday, May 29, Nick Cannon joined protesters in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed. Cannon marched in an I Can’t Breathe Shirt,  which were some of George Floyd’s last words.


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Not only has Cannon used Instagram to discuss his views, but he has also used Twitter to speak out against discrimination, prejudice, and racism.

He also released a powerful music video on both Twitter and Instagram, named “I can’t breathe…again!” captioned with #SpokenSundays.


Our voices have been quarantined COVID 19-60s to 1619/Jamestown choked me, sold me, shackles hold me tightly, by my neck and I can’t breathe… Again/2020 ain’t no f****** vision, on your Tell-Lie-Vision, of why I’m living as a prejudged Villain!/CNN, FOX news commentating and debating, while I can’t f****** breathe… Again!!!/How many times I gotta say this!/I’m Taking the gloves off Because Racism is the main deadlines that’s contagious!/I just got diagnosed and received a degree in criminology but f*** your education/I don’t want to learn s*** from a nation that’s racist,” sings Cannon.

This is not the first time Cannon has taken to the front lines for the Black Lives Matter movement. He joined the St.Louis protest back in 2016 and he protested the verdict of former police officer Jason Stockely, who was acquitted of killing another black man, Anthony Lamar Smith. Cannon has protested on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement dating back to 2016, and will not stop until there is reform.

If you are curious about how to make your voice heard, sign the Justice for George Floyd petition. YOUR voice matters in this fight to end racism and police brutality.