Mariah Carey Uses Her Platform to Raise Awareness for the Black Lives Matter Movement

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Mariah Carey takes a break from promoting the re-release of her album Glitter to speak on the important issues going on in American today. 

Earlier last week, people worldwide have started a movement to bring Justice to George Floyd, a man who was brutally murdered by police.

After Carey heard the terrible news, she went to her social media, and immediately posted about it.


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‪Say His Name. #GeorgeFloyd 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤‬

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Carey, along with other celebrities is using their platforms to bring awareness to the mistreatment of black people by police officers across the United States.

Shortly after, Carey posted a video singing her song ‘There’s Got to Be a Way” which was released in 1990. In the song, Carey talks about uniting the human race and stoping segregation and racism towards minorities.

Carey is trying to use her platforms to not only bring Justice for Floyd but to make a real change in the world. If able, make sure to donate, educate yourself, or sign the petitions to bring justice for Floyd.