Glossier Donates $1 Million to the Black Lives Matter Movement


Did you hear about Glossier’s recent $1 million donation to the Black Lives Matter movement?

Popular skincare and cosmetic line, Glossier, has cleared up any confusion regarding their stance on the Black Lives Matter: they stand with George Floyd and the other victims. 

Glossier’s donations have not gone unnoticed.

Fans were quick to head and support Glossier after their immense support of the movement.

Glossier came, Glossier saw, Glossier countered; the popular skincare and beauty brand with a cult-like following of fiercely loyal millennials finally decided to speak out against the turbulent political climate and donate to the BLM movement. The iconic beauty brand lashes out at racist power abusers in an effort to hold them accountable for their actions. Glossier attempts to brush off the ugly blotches of bigotry that blemish the face of America. They plan to donate $500K to organizations dedicated to erasing racial injustice and another 500K to black-owned beauty corporations.

It’s safe to say, after Glossier’s generous $1 million donation to the BLM movement, that the makeup company is da balm.  We commend Glossier for its handsome donation and hope that its band of loyal followers will also offer aid.