Chrissy Teigen Vows to Bail out Protestors

Nathan Congleton/NBC

Have you seen Chrissy Teigen’s latest Tweet?

American supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen promises to donate $200,000 in order to bail out protestors across the country.

Teigen is a well-established, outspoken critic of President Trump and is known to speak candidly on her political beliefs. After Trump’s Tweet condemning the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protestors and characterizing them as criminals, Teigen began donating significant sums of money, initially $100,000, to showcase her support. 

The stunning Sports Illustrated cover girl is our role model; she struts confidently down both the catwalk and political arena and shines brightly under the spotlight in the process. She has no qualms about emerging center stage in a heated political debate and enthusiastically uses her celebrity platform to attract attention to important causes. Now is not the time for silence; join Teigen in her vocal support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.