Tune in to Amazon Music’s 2020 ‘Proud’ Playlist

Randee St. Nicholas/CBS

If you were looking for a soundtrack for June, Amazon has just the thing for you. Part of their Pride Month celebration, the company relaunched its Pride-inspired playlist on May 29.

With 50 songs in total, the playlist features some of the most iconic songs from incredible artists like Halsey, Tove Lo, Troye Sivan, and Sam Smith. There’s also the exciting appearance of Lady Gaga’s recent collaboration with Elton John, “Sine from Above,” from her new album Chromatica.

“We’ve curated a collection of songs that shine a spotlight on the next generation of LGBTQ+ artists, who proudly share their artistry and their identity with their fans,” Amazon Music label relation manager John Farreey shared with Billboard. “We’re also focused on telling the stories of the artists who came before: Sylvester, Wendy Carlos, and Gladys Bentley—artists who have blazed a trail for future generations.”

If that wasn’t enough, Amazon Music also collaborated with ‘Lesbian Jesus’ herself, pop singer Hayley Kiyoko. For the past couple of days, Kiyoko encouraged fans on Twitter to stay tuned to Amazon Music, teasing that a special surprise was on its way.

Now, fans can finally have their questions answered. Kiyoko is “coming out of her cage” and “doing just fine” with a cover of The Killer’s hit single “Mr. Brightside,” exclusively featured in Amazon Music’s 2020 ‘PROUD’ playlist.

If you’re getting hype for Pride 2020, look no further. Make sure to head over to Amazon Music and listen to the ‘PROUD’ playlist now.