Lady Gaga Shares the Deeper Meaning Behind ‘Free Woman’

Timothy Kuratek/CBS

For years, Lady Gaga left fans pondering when she would release a new album. It was until, Thursday, May 8th, Gaga leaked ‘Free Woman’ on Twitter. This leak was all over Twitter timelines. It was praised for its fun and fresh sound. Gaga revealed the hidden meaning behind the upbeat pop song, leaving fans shocked.

From the get, Gaga warned us that her new album Chromatica which features ‘Free Woman’, would be deep. Though, we did not know how transparent she would actually be with us. “I was sexually assaulted by my music producer.” Gaga stated in an interview with Zane Lowe from Apple Music while explaining the meaning behind ‘Free Woman’.

She continued “It’s compounded all of my feelings about life, feelings about the world, feelings about the industry, what I had to compromise and go through to get to where I am. And I had to put it there. And when I was able to finally celebrate it, I said, ‘You know what? I’m not nothing without a steady hand. I’m not nothing unless I know I can. I’m still something If I don’t got a man, I’m a free woman.

Gaga turned her past personal traumas into a dance party album. Talk about making the best out of every situation. Thank you Gaga for sharing your experiences with us and creating yet another female empowerment song.

While listening to ‘Free Woman’ allow yourself to break free of all things which hold you back and just dance because this is the dance floor Gaga fought for.