Be Sure to Stream the Historic NASA and SpaceX Launch

NASA/Bill Ingalls

NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX are about to make history as they send astronauts into Earth’s orbit.

SpaceX will be launching NASA astronauts into orbit, the first American space launch since 2011. Founded in 2002, SpaceX set out to design and manufacture an advanced spacecraft, hoping to help enable human life on other planets.

This test space flight will launch at 3:22 pm EDT, with coverage streaming four hours before liftoff. The Dragon spacecraft will depart from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and make its way to the International Space Station. Thanks to some bad weather, many individuals were left disappointed when the spacecraft was unable to take off on the original launch date of May 27th. Currently, the odds of launching on Saturday are 50% while the odds on Sunday are at 60%. In the event that the weather does not permit a safe departure for the crew involved, NASA has already scheduled a back-up date.


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All systems are looking good for Crew Dragon’s first flight with astronauts

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You can learn more about SpaceX and witness history in the making by streaming the event here.