You’ll Never Guess What Grimes Is Selling on Her Online Art Exhibit


Grimes’ is debuting her art on a virtual gallery, and one of her pieces for sale is a part of her soul.

Yes, you heard that right, her soul. Grimes is not unfamiliar to radical art that totally pushes the envelope. Her albums have been known to express ideas in alignment with feminism, and spirituality, which we’re all totally here for. Also well-known for her erratic and intriguing art forms, she has debuted her virtual gallery, Selling Out, via Gallery Platform Los Angeles as well as Maccarone Los Angeles. Pieces for sale include multiple prints and photographs, but most notably, a piece of her soul.

While this might seem a little surprising, Grimes’ work is highly conceptual, and something she considers to be another aspect of her music. Grimes had originally set the price for $10 million, but later decided to sell for best offer.

Fans had some mixed reactions:

Grimes is always one to set trends while staying outside of the box, especially for an art piece like her soul.


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We have spilled too much blood and not enough wine

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Nonetheless, we’re excited to see Grimes’ artwork ready for virtual display! Selling Out is currently available to view through August 31st, so be sure to check out her art.