Grab Your Broomsticks and Check out Sarah Jessica Parker’s Update on the ‘Hocus Pocus’ Sequel

Hocus Pocus/Disney

It’s been months since any information on a potential Hocus Pocus sequel has been released, but Sarah Jessica Parker has recently let fans in on an exciting update. 

Despite the fact that Hocus Pocus was first released in 1993, 30 years later, young, new, old, and returning fans all sit down each year to watch the film and re-experience the delightful of the Sanderson Sisters. Every beloved movie needs a sequel, right? Months ago, news spread that a sequel for the hilariously-haunted film would be happening, but since then it’s been much too quiet.

While on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, Sarah Jessica Parker, or as Hocus Pocus fans know her, Sarah Sanderson, shared some very exciting news about the sequel.

“I think that it is something Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and I are all very hospitable to the idea,” she said. “I think that for a long time, people were talking about it as if they were moving forward with it in a real way but we were unaware of it. We have agreed publicly to the right people, yes, that would be a very, very fun idea, so we will see what the future holds.”

Looks like the Sanderson Sisters are all-in and ready to get back onto their brooms (or vacuum cleaners). In the interview, Parker added, “‘A sequel is totally in The Disney company’s hands— And it will be exciting to see what transpires!” This is amazing news for those impatient fans who were left dangling on the idea of a sequel to their favorite Halloween film.

Is it socially acceptable to curl up on the couch with hot apple cider and watch Hocus Pocus on replay in the middle of Spring? Guess we’ll find out soon.