Get Ready to Netflix and Chill With ‘Elite’ Season 4

Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

With the plethora of quarantine fitness trends circulating, it’s time to step it up and begin your next marathon (on Netflix).

Did you binge all 3 seasons of “Elite” on Netflix and mourn the end of a flawless series? Did you attempt to watch its slightly less attractive twin “Money Heist” even though it made no cents? Well, you will be happy to hear that “Elite” is actually not over; it was only a bad stream and a fourth season has been confirmed. To those who are strangers to “Elite,” the series premiered in 2018 and follows the scandalous lives of students at an exclusive preparatory school in Spain, Las Encinas. 

Elite Season 4 was confirmed by the cast in a recent Twitter post. They assured fans that the incoming season would not disappoint; it would deliver the same level of drama, sexual tension, and suspense as it had in previous seasons.

Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

Unfortunately, the exciting announcement of a new season was tempered with the disheartening news of the departure of several cast members: Álvaro Rico, Danna Paola, Ester Expósito, Jorge López, and Mina El Hammani.

Despite the parting of beloved cast members, we are still looking forward to another great season. It’s time to make use of your college ex-boyfriend’s Netflix password and get ready for Season 4.