Adam Sandler’s Got a Heartfelt Message for 2020 Grads

Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment

In a heartfelt Tweet, Sandler addressed the stressful conditions for the 2020 graduating class – and gave praise.

Given the circumstances, the graduating class of 2020 isn’t having the easiest time when it comes to celebratory ceremonies. Many graduations have been called off and replaced with virtual ceremonies, or have been pushed back into later months in the year. Many celebrities have made celebratory posts, congratulating the class of 2020 – including the notorious Adam Sandler.

In a recent Tweet, Sandler described his own graduation story, explaining that shortly after his high school graduation, he and his parents sat and stared at each other. Then, he says, “the fun began”.

Twitter fans made sure to come through as well and also show their support for 2020 Grads, in the same goofy, Sandler-esque way.

To the graduating class of 2020 – we’re here for you! Although we may not be able to celebrate your achievements in the traditional ceremonial manner, everyone couldn’t be more proud of your success! Congratulations to the Class of 2020 – continue to work hard and prosper!