Watch What Happened When Hilary Duff Reunited With the Cast of ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’

Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment

Hilary Duff was dragged into another Baker family meeting as she reunited with the cast of Cheaper by the Dozen, 17 years after the film’s original release in 2003.

As the years went by, it seemed more and more unlikely that the reunion fans so desperately wished to see might never happen.

But last night the cast of Cheaper by the Dozen unexpectedly reunited via Zoom to create a montage that had us all reminiscing on the antics of the Baker family.

While not everyone was able to attend (the reunion- family patriarch Tom, played by Steve Martin was missing) – those who were present brought plenty of nostalgia. Throwback outfits were donned as iconic lines and scenes from the movies were acted out. Duff put on the infamous pink sweater and green facemask to appear at the top of her staircase in true Lorraine Baker style.

But this was not only a welcome trip down memory lane. The cast’s reunion also served a veritable cause as they promoted No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization working to end childhood hunger in America- an important reminder that we can still use our social platforms to help the causes that matter most. Earlier this month Duff led another cast reunion, joining the cast of Lizzie McGuire for a (virtual) table read, so whether or not this latest get-together means there are more Disney reunions in store… well, it’s never too late!

You can watch the full video by clicking on the Instagram post above.