Singer-Songwriter Halsey Has Raised the Bar: She Is Studying to Become a Lawyer

Will Heath/NBC

Did you know that the sensational singer Halsey is studying for the bar exam?

Halsey continues to escrow and thrive; she is fast approaching the bench (brief-case in hand), while us lethargic layabouts remain glued to it (bag of half-eaten chips in hand).  

Not only is Halsey spending her quarantine creating new music, but she is also endeavoring to become a lawyer.  On Memorial Day, Halsey announced her ambitious new undertaking in a series of Instagram posts. Her sequence of photos informed the public on her latest quarantine ventures: deluxe quiche/ butternut squash ravioli making and casual Constitutional Law reading.  

In response to a flood of questions from inquisitive fans regarding the law book, Halsey commented that she was indeed studying for the bar exam. Similar to fellow superstar and aspiring lawyer Kim Kardashian, Halsey plans to bypass law school and take the bar exam (unlike most states, this is admissible in California).

Halsey is truly a renaissance woman; a poised, plucky professional with some serious pipes. We look forward to seeing her law pursuits materialize.