Pixar’s New Short Film ‘Out’ on Disney+ Features The Studio’s First Gay Main Character


On May 22, 2020, Pixar began streaming their first heartwarming tale about same-sex love, marriage equality, and LGBTQIA on Disney+.

Love is love, and it is too beautiful, genuine, and resilient to remain hidden in the closet. Out contains an important message that our society must hear: Everyone deserves love, and that love comes in all different genders, sexes, shapes, and sizes.

In Pixar’s Out, we see how the main protagonist, Greg, is afraid to tell his parents that he is gay. He hides the picture of his boyfriend and him in the nightstand, but his mom finds it. Out focuses on the pain which Greg and his mother go through because sometimes, parents have trouble accepting their children for who they are. At times, they try to enforce their own outlooks on life and destiny upon their children.


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You’re perfect just the way you are. 💕 Out is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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Make sure to see Pixar’s newly released film, which promotes love for all. Love is kind, and not only does it not discriminate, but it creates a safe and loving space for everyone because our differences should unite us, not separate us from one another.