Pia Mia’s New Book Series Is Free and Worth the Read

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Alongside the release of her new single, “Princess,” urban pop singer Pia Mia has released a new book series on the free publishing app Wattpad.

Pia Mia is currently writing a free fictional book series called The Princess Diaries: Sand, Glitter & Silicone with new chapters coming out just about every week. It already has accumulated over 40,000 reads on the publishing platform.

Pia has been intertwining lyrics from her new song, “Princess” into the story itself, crafting a narrative around her music and her musical journey.


The Princess Diaries follows the main character, Princess, an up-and-coming popstar who has been working hard for years to make it big in LA. Princess seems to mirror Pia, herself, in that way, but with only three parts to the fictional series so far, we’ll have to see if there is some more character development. 

The book is classified as romance, has relatable dialogue, and is lighthearted with hints of forthcoming drama.

The release of Pia Mia’s Wattpad story comes after her portrayal of Tristan in the 2019 independent film After, of which is based off of another free, fictional story published by Anna Todd from 2012 to 2014. 


We are loving Pia’s new music, new book, and new journey into acting, and we can’t wait to keep up with it all throughout the year.