Waka Flocka Flame Is Flamed for His Inspirational Tweet


Have you seen Waka Flocka’s latest Tweet regarding mental health?

Last night, Monday, May 25, renowned rapper Waka Flocka Flame Tweeted that he plans to dedicate the remainder of his life to suicide prevention and mental wellbeing. This cause is near and dear to him, as the rapper’s younger brother Kayo battled depression and eventually committed suicide in 2013. 

After his brother’s death, Waka Flocka made dramatic forward-looking lifestyle changes and focused on self-care. He detoxed, became a more conscious consumer, and introduced a mostly plant-based diet.  

Despite Waka Flocka’s earnest support for mental health and best intentions, many people are mocking his Tweet and critiquing his delivery.  Critics claim that the tone of his Tweet, with his excessive use of exclamation points, is a bit jarring and inappropriate.  They perceive his words as making light of an extremely weighty, messy issue. They interpret the tweet as a delusion of grandeur, Waka Flocka insinuating that he has the power to cure depression.

Undeterred by tacky internet trolls and tremendous public backlash, Waka Flocka continues to flagrantly flaunt his support for those struggling with mental illness and use his platform as an influential artist to speak candidly about mental health and suicide prevention.