Read Rebel Wilson’s Motivational Note If You Need a Life Boost

Brian Friedman/NBC

Isn’t It Romantic star Rebel Wilson shares with us a motivational note about getting in shape and becoming the healthiest, happiest you.

On May 25, 2020, Wilson posted a followup on her 2020 health plan to her Instagram. Her “Year of Health” mission is to trim down to 75kg (165 pounds), and she is not giving up. She wrote an inspirational message on her social media that can be appreciated by any individual trying to reach their goals, be it health-related or otherwise. Wilson stated: “Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going x it will be worth it.” She adds that even though some days can be really hard to the point where you want to give up, don’t; “good things are coming your way.”

The Australian actress is determined, influential, and diligent in reaching her goals. Her trainer Jono Castano pushes her daily and is there every step of the way. Wilson enjoys the high-intensity interval training, and Castano knows just the right workout routines to help her succeed. Check out the video below of her climbing towards her goals.

Wilson is committed to being honest and real with her fans about her health and fitness journey. She is truly a source of empowerment to anyone around the world trying to reach their goals. For those of you out there who need a little push, remember consistency, tenacity, and trust in the process. You are capable of achieving great things. Keep up the great work, Wilson. We are here for it.