You Need to See the House Camila Mendes Designed for Her Mom

lev radin/Shutterstock

Just when you thought Camila Mendes couldn’t get any more talented, she goes and designs her mom’s dream home.

Last Thursday, the Riverdale actress took to Instagram to announce her collaboration with Pottery Barn’s design team. Working together, they decorated the Florida home she purchased last year for her mother, Gisele.

Photographs posted by both Mendes and Pottery Barn show the home’s spacious living room and open floor plan, as well as a striking white interior with standout accent pieces lining the walls and dotted throughout the furnishings.

Decorating the home took six months of research and creation from Camila, her mother, and Pottery Barn. Together, they brought a comfortable, familial living environment to life.

With the help of Pottery Barn, Camila took working close to home to another level with this project. Although it was Camila’s first step into the world of interior design, she brought her mother’s vision to life beautifully, with high ceilings, modern aesthetics, and layered, artistic textures in every room. 

We love Riverdale and can’t wait for a new season, but with how gorgeous this home turned out, we can’t help but hope that Camila’s newfound love for decorating continues in-between shooting the hit CW show.