‘Reset Your Mindset’ With Serena Williams in New Verizon Media Series


Yahoo will be live-streaming a Verizon Media two-part series that is sure to ‘reset your mindset’

Verizon Media’s new virtual wellness series, Reset Your Mindset, provides great conversations regarding both mental and emotional wellness, fitness, and even how to manage during a crisis. The first 90-minute event, Reset Your Mindset at home, aired on May 20, where stars shared their own experiences with how they are prioritizing their mental health during these uncertain times.

The series includes many celebrity appearances, one being Serena Williams, who showed viewers just what it’s like to be a mom during the quarantine. She’s seen wearing a Cinderella costume, stating “I’m donning a Cinderella gown ‘cause my daughter dressed me — as she dresses me every day.” Williams’ daughter, Olympia, sat next to her during the interview, exemplifying just how much space moms get during this “stay-at-home” time.


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Princess attire required for conversations with @olympiaohanian 👑

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At the start of quarantine, Williams had a tough time handling the whole stay-home-and-don’t-leave-your-house situation. Two months later, she’s got a great routine going between parenting, training, and business, and now says, “I’m grateful for it, but I wasn’t used to it. You know — just never leaving the house.” As seen on her Instagram, Williams always makes time to play princesses with Olympia.


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Snow back

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The second event, Reset Your Mindset at work, can be live-streamed on May 27. Verizon announced that this 60-minute event will focus on influential leaders who “will convene to discuss leadership in a time of crises, examine what it takes to keep businesses thriving during a period of economic uncertainty, and speak to innovations that may arise from the pandemic.”

Along with the wellness series, Verizon has committed to donating $10 million in advertising to support mental health awareness during the coronavirus pandemic.