Discover How Fashion Icon Vivienne Westwood Is Helping the Planet


Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood is dedicated to saving the planet.

Two-time winner of the British Fashion Council’s Designer of the Year Award Vivienne Westwood is all for sustainability. Westwood’s aesthetic truly embodies eco-friendliness, and she hopes to inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

After handing over her distinguished fashion line to her husband in 2019, Westwood is now devoting her full attention to raising awareness on climate change and rainforest conservation, as well as collaborating with many campaigns and movements to support the change our planet needs.

Known for shaping the designs of the 1970s punk rock movement, Westwood’s fashion label is held in high regard as one of the most influential and famous in the world. Westwood’s zealous passion for fighting against climate change is well documented on her blog, cleverly titled Climate Revolution. Here, she fiercely speaks about the importance of her goals, and how we can help her make a difference for future generations. “This manifesto is a work in process, broadly speaking it shows the practical steps we need to take,” Westwood writes in one of the statements on her blog. The fashion icon pens weekly diary entries on her blog concerning her progress and advocating eco-friendly change. In her manifesto, Westwood writes about her campaign and outlines the necessary demands required for change.

Read all about Westwood’s heroic fight to save the planet on her website,, today.