Grab Your Headphones and Prepare to Bop Along to Lennon Stella’s Newest Album ‘Three. Two. One.’


Lennon Stella’s newest album Three. Two. One. dropped April 24th and it has all of her fans screaming with excitement.

The pop singer has been on a roll ever since the release of her EP Love, me back in 2018. This new album consists of thirteen songs all written with incredible craft and emotion. Stella’s honesty brings her fans closer to her than ever with her songs being intensely relatable. This is the singer’s first full solo album and with it came overwhelming joy, pride, and gratitude.

Stella has been promoting and speaking on her album through her Instagram providing her followers with an inside look into the songs and the inspiration for them. The album touches on love, heartbreak, growing up, and much more creating an experience like no other for listeners. The rawness of Stella’s work allows women everywhere to relate to both her music and her as an artist through the intimate art she has created.


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If you haven’t listened to Three. Two. One. then don’t hesitate to do so because the album will not disappoint. This is just the beginning for Lennon Stella, but fans will agree that we can not wait to see what’s next for this talented young artist.