Bend and Snap With Mindy Kaling, Confirmed Co-Writer of ‘Legally Blonde 3’

Scott Angelheart/NBC

Are you ready for posh pink power suits, chirpy Chihuahuas, and loads of legal jargon?

American actress, comedian, and writer Mindy Kaling is collaborating with Emmy winner Dan Goor to co-write the script of Legally Blonde 3 and we are beyond excited. Both Reese Witherspoon, the iconic Elle Woods, and Kaling posted the exciting news on their respective Instagrams. Witherspoon added a priceless side-by-side photo of herself and Kaling both dressed up as the iconic Elle Woods.

Both Witherspoon and Kaling are vocal feminists that have a sustained interest in female empowerment. This project, similarly to the previous Legally Blonde films, emphasizes that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive and that women are poised, plucky, and polished professionals.

Elle Woods is a strong, unapologetically authentic female character who commands the courtroom and looks great doing it.  Her bright fuchsia uniform and glossy golden locks challenge our preexisting notions of the cookie-cutter, grey frock-wearing, flair-free lawyer. Legally Blonde suggests that you don’t need to fit in or dial back your personality to be successful; ambition is ample ammunition for success. This project has the potential to empower women and influence a generation of fiery female lawyers. Elle Woods proves that you can be a Gemini vegetarian, the judge of a Lambda Kappa Pi tighty-whitey contest, and still score a 179/180 on your LSATS and kill it at Harvard.  You can serve both looks and justice.