Check out ‘Women of Troy’ on HBO


This documentary on female athletes is one we’ve all been waiting for.

After the checking out mini TV show The Last Dance on the superstar Michael Jordan, it’s now time to watch Women of Troy and celebrate the excellency of female athletes. The documentary reflects upon one of the greatest achievements in women’s college sports; after winning back-to-back the NCAA championship in 1983 and 1984, the USC women’s basketball was the first women’s team to be invited to the White House.

This team and its players like Cheryl Miller of Cynthia Cooper have revolutionalized the face of their sport forever. The documentary offers us insight into the team’s mindset; through testimony and flashback we understand how much they wanted to be the best and how hard they worked for it.

Take a look at the trailer.

While some individuals might wrongfully assume women’s sports are less entertaining or less spectacular than men’s sports, this  this documentary is sure to prove them wrong. It’s refreshing to see how women can revolutionize a sport and mindset; it gives us hope and power to follow our dreams.