Take a Look at How Taylor Swift Surprised a Young Fan Who Wrote a Letter to Her Mailman



Taylor Swift surprises young fan, Emerson Weber, with a handwritten letter and package after hearing about Weber’s impact on her community during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Emerson Weber, an 11-year-old “Swiftie” from Sioux Falls, Dakota, wrote her local mailman a handwritten letter to thank him for all he was doing during this pandemic. When she interviewed with Good Morning America, she said, “Writing letters you can share so much about your self, it’s like being there in person, and, I love receiving them, because you know that someone took the time in their day to write back to you.”

In her letter to mailman Doug, she wrote, “Well, I wanted to thank you for taking my letters and delivering them. You are very important to me. I make people happy with my letters, but you do too.”

Taylor Swift, Weber’s favorite star, sent her a handwritten letter and package to show her thoughtful act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed. Weber’s father describes opening the package via Twitter.

In the letter, Swift thanked her fan for writing letters to people that “don’t expect a thank you,” and hoped she wasn’t too lonely during isolation. She even sent Weber some of her favorite writing tools.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Taylor Swift has always been amazing at making her fans feel more like her friends.