Hallu by Peyton Is the Self-Care You Need in Your Life

With all of the social isolation going on right now, self-care is more important than ever before. What better way to indulge your senses than with Hallu by Peyton.

Peyton List is no stranger to Glitter magazine. We’ve interviewed her throughout her career and she’s even graced our cover. Millions of fans know and love her for her role as Emma Ross on the Disney hit shows Jessie and Bunk’d. So it’s no surprise we touched base with Peyton on this bubbly and fragrant line. She’s created everything that you could possibly want from trendy ‘Geode Bath Bombs’ with shimmering crystals to hydrating ‘Silky Soft Bubble Bath’ filled with hydrating oils and vitamin-E.

To learn more about her products catch up with Peyton on Glitter’s Instagram Live on 5/20 at 3 PM as she talks with fans about her new products. We are even giving away some of her products to 5 lucky fans, so make sure to comment and tune in. Until then, take a peek below at some details on the new products and where you can snag them below.

Silky Soft Bubble Bath: Experience the finest pink-carpet pampering with HALLU by Peyton’s Silky Soft Bubble Bath. Made with hydrating oils and vitamin E, it creates insane bubbles while filling the air with amazing fragrance. It’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, non-toxic and made in the USA. The 17-ounce Silky Soft Bubble Bath starts at $4.97.

Geode Bath Bomb: Peyton’s love of geodes—the latest hot trend infiltrating everything from beauty to home décor—made creating a geode bath bomb an easy choice. A vibrant hot pink exterior surrounds a mix of brightly colored, shimmering salt crystals with a dusting of golden mica. Simply float the bath geode crystal side up in your tub for a delightful and fragrant soak. The 3-ounce geode bath bombs start at $3.57.


XO Bath Bomb: Take a soak in peaceful pink waters, then go make your mark on the world with the XO Bath Bomb. Each of these floating & spinning bath bombs has 5 fun metallic tattoos inside, designed by Peyton herself! The 4.9-ounce Bath Bomb retails at Walmart for $2.97.