Grammy-Winning Pop Artist Kelly Clarkson Releases New Remix for Her Song ‘I Dare You’

Atlantic Records

The first artist to win the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album not once, but twice, has a new bopping remix for you.

Clarkson teamed up with London-based Deep House DJ and producer Eden Prince to create the remix of her new song “I Dare You.” Atlantic Records released the single on May 15 where it exclusively premiered on Billboard Dance.

The remix is only the first of four total edits of “I Dare You” that you can expect to come your way over the course of the next month. The next artists teaming up with Clarkson to put their spin on the single are Arkadi, Gozzi, and Lash. The original version of “I Dare You” was released April 16, which Clarkson describes as “my favorite/hardest project that I’ve ever worked on.”

Not only can you feel the uplifting vibe from the song’s beats, but the lyrics are moving “I dare you to love / Oh, I dare you to love / Even if you’re hurt and you can only see the worst / Even if you think it’s not enough / Oh, I dare you to love.” On The Tonight Show: At Home Edition back in April, you can feel the sincerity behind the song as she further illustrates its meaning “It’s basically, ‘I dare you to love instead of fear.’” Exactly the kind of words the world needs right now.

What is even more heart imploding is that Clarkson’s song “I Dare You” was released with five multi-language duets that focus on enveloping love in various languages including Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Listening to music is known to increase happiness and elevate your mood, so why not add this heartfelt new track to your playlist? Be sure to listen to “I Dare You (Eden Prince Remix)” to renew and exhilarate your mind. The track can be streamed here.