Chloe Bridges’ Held an At-Home Graduation Ceremony with Fiancé Adam DeVine

ABC/Bonnie Osborne

Pretty Little Liars star Chloe Bridges held an at-home graduation ceremony in her living room with her fiancé Adam DeVine.

Chloe Bridges is part of the class of 2020 as she graduated from Columbia University this May. She posted on her Instagram how she “‘walked’ in [her] living room” Monday morning, May 18, to celebrate her achievement.

Bridges’ soon-to-be husband Adam DeVine showed his support for Bridges as he shared this special moment with her in her living room. He commented on his fiance’s post “Congrats to all the 2020 grads!!! Love you baby! So proud of you!”

In an interview in 2014 with the Columbia Daily Spectator, Bridges discussed her advice to aspiring actors at Columbia stating “Work on your craft and make sure it’s something you really want to do. LA’s a really different place. Nobody cares if you have a college degree…it’s not going to get you jobs.” Bridges continued by bluntly stating getting roles is more about if you’re the right fit for the character you audition for. She emphasized how aspiring actors should follow their dreams but added “…it’s very unstable and very unpredictable.”

Chloe Bridges has a great mindset and is very honest. She was dedicated to balancing her studies at a prestigious university with her filming schedule. Bridges has many acting credits and now a college degree to add to her accomplishments. Her accomplishments are truly inspiring and prove what hard work and dedication to a goal can do.