Watch as Katy Perry’s ‘American Idol,’ Virtual Live Performance of ‘Daisies’ Leaves You Breathless


Katy Perry gave fans a live virtual performance for Season 18 of the American Idol finale.


On May 17, the American Idol finale was held completely virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. Singer and judge,  Katy Perry, performed her new song ‘Daisies’ for the first time ever, but there was not a crowd in sight.

ABC/Gavin Bond

Strutting around in a bright pink dress and no shoes, Perry sang while the stage transformed into what she calls “a whole new world.” Bright colored sets moved throughout the stage, aiming to make viewers feel as if they had entered somewhere new.

Regarding her live performance, Perry takes to Twitter, saying, “Hope it transported you out of your living room as much as it transported me into this one.” This star never fails to give a bright and exciting performance.

Season 18 marks the first year ever that the American Idol finale had contestants singing from their living rooms, rather than up on stage with a larger-than-life audience. Under such strange measures, Perry gave an amazing first live-performance of “Daisies.” During such uncertain times, the world needs more videos like this one.