Watch as Celebs Like Obama, Oprah + Alicia Keys Give Congratulations to the Class of 2020

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See how celebs congratulated the class of 2020 for their hard work.

It was not the way students wanted to end their high school or college years, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, most of the schools celebrated their class of 2020 accomplishments with virtual commencement. Many celebs have congratulated and honored the students who did not have the opportunity to get on stage in front of thousands of peers, parents and friends to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter, and years of hard work.

Check out Barack Obama’s encouraging speech for the class of 2020.


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I couldn’t be prouder of this year’s graduating high school seniors––as well as the teachers, coaches, and most of all, parents and family who’ve guided you along the way. Graduating is a big achievement under any circumstances––let alone during a pandemic. And some of you have had to overcome serious obstacles along the way to make it here. What remains true is that your graduation marks your passage into adulthood––the time when you begin to take charge of your own life. ⁣ ⁣ So here’s my quick advice: Be fearless. Always do what you think is right. And work to build a community. No one does big things all by themselves. When you need help, Michelle and I have made it the mission of the @ObamaFoundation to give young people like you the skills and support you need to be leaders—and to connect you with other young people around the globe. But you don’t need us to tell you what to do, because in so many ways, you’ve already shown us how it’s done. Congratulations, Class of 2020––keep making us proud.⁣

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The former President sent all of these students an encouraging message of hope and faith for their future life endeavors. Like Obama, Oprah Winfrey also created a moving video to the class of 2020. Remembering them, they share a bond forever known as the pandemic class.

Alicia Keys wanted to celebrate the new graduates by posting an old picture of her high school graduation.

Like everyone else we wanted to congratulate all of you who graduated this year, it has been a long and rough path, but we are proud of you. Keep up with the great work, you deserve it, and now the future is yours.