No Need to Travel Back in Time, There Was a ‘Back to the Future’ Reunion


Actor Josh Gad reunited the cast on his YouTube show Reunited Apart for charity.

Almost everyone has wondered what it would be like to time travel whether it be to your favorite historic period or to see how technology will advance in the future. Unfortunately, time travel is not a reality yet, but Back to the Future always made us wish it was.

Back to the Future cast members Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Shue, Claudia Wells, along with director Robert Zemeckis, screenwriter Bob Gale, theme songwriter Huey Lewis, and composer Alan Silvestri joined Josh Gad on his new YouTube show Reunited Apart. Gad reunites casts from iconic movies to raise money for charity. The Back to the Future crew helped to raise money for Project Hope, a global health and humanitarian relief organization.

There were many hilarious as well as heartwarming moments. Although ideas for another Back to the Future have been shot down, Gad wondered what would the fourth movie be about if they were to do one. Thompson said an interesting idea would be to go back to January of this year and warn everyone about the pandemic. To add even more excitement, the cast of the Back to the Future musical came on to sing “The Power of Love” and it was beautiful.

Watch the entire reunion video below.