Listen to Rising R&B Singer Ayanis Give a Mini Self-Care Pep Talk

Atlantic Records

COVID-19 might have you in a bit of a slump, but never fear, Ayanis has some words of wisdom to help you pull through. 

Rising R&B singer Ayanis (pronounced Ayeyaun-is) reminds us all of the importance of self-care with her recent post that you can find on her Instagram. “You’re too young, you’re too pretty, you’re too fine to be worried about these lil boys,” she preaches glowing in her on-point makeup and killer braids that could give Rapunzel a run for her money.

The Texas born and Atlanta raised singer instructs her fans to “DROP” a purple heart emoji in the comments “if you been self caring in this quarantine.” Her post is in reference to her song “Lil Boi (Big talk),” featuring Queen Naija that she recently tweeted about earlier this month.

The song sends a strong message of saying no to unfaithful relationships. It makes sense that Ayanis references “lil boys” to contrast the song’s lyrics, “Big talk, big talk, big talk.” Known as being a dreamer herself, you can feel your spirits rise as she spreads a few words of encouragement during these stifling times in quarantine.

As you listen to her positive affirmations, you too will find yourself gleaming from the inside out just like the singer does from her heart, to her lip gloss, and all the way to her cool shades. Take some time while you’re relaxing in your home to take in this valuable advice.