Join in With People Everywhere in Supporting National Food Allergy Awareness Month by Going Teal

May is National Allergy Awareness Month and to spread awareness and support FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) is asking people to join the #tealtakeover.

Roughly 32 million American’s suffer from food allergies that in many cases can be life-threatening. The #tealtakeover challenge is to raise awareness among all age groups of the severity of allergies. FARE is asking people to wear something teal and post it to social media this month to help promote allergy education.

Food allergies greatly impact everyday life for those who have them and their families. They are becoming more and more common affecting not only what people can and can’t eat but their safety in social settings that may have their allergen present. Ariana Grande is one notable food allergy victim as she had an unfortunate run-in with tomatoes this time last year causing her to postpone multiple tour dates.

Whether you have a food allergy or not you can join FARE in celebrating those who suffer from them and wear teal to show your support this May. Use #tealtakeover to band together with millions across America to help spread awareness all month long.