Witness Joyner Lucas and Will Smith’s Beyond Fire Remix of ‘Will

Recently, something truly amazing took place; Will Smith decided to hop on Joyner Lucas’ ADHD single “Will” to bring us another banging remix to add to our ever-growing quarantine playlist.

Well, it’s official; Will Smith does not age and neither do his rapping skills. On May 15th, Lucas and Smith came together to create something we can only call a masterpiece. If the track wasn’t lit before, it is for sure on fire now. We aren’t the only ones who seem to think so either.


Aside from the well-deserved flexing, Smith is also set out to prove a point during his verse. “I ain’t have to curse to keep it real,” he raps, and right he is. Will Smith as a rapper sets the bar extremely high for others, he’s showing that while it is fine to rap however you want with whatever lyrics you want, it is also okay to rap without profanity to get your point across. This and among several other reasons is why we will always stan the Fresh Prince.

You can check out “Will,” by clicking the audio video above. The single is also available through