Join Mariah Carey in Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Her Debut Single

Terence Patrick/CBS

Mariah Carey celebrates the 30th anniversary of her first single, “Vision Of Love.”

The singer, who has accumulated nineteen number-one hits, making her one of the most successful female artists of all time, debuted her first single on May 15 1990. The chart-topping single sold approximately 1,380,000 copies worldwide. Her following self-titled album, “Mariah Carey”, sold around 14,050,000 copies, skyrocketing the singer to stardom.

The record, written by Carey and Ben Margulies, was first recorded in 1989. After its release, Carey continued to promote the rest of her album with this single. Shortly after, Carey’s self-titled album went on to feature several major hits including “Love Takes Time” and “I Don’t Wanna Cry.”

In a recent Instagram post, Carey thanks her fans for all their love and support over the years.

Carey has been known to surprise her fans on the anniversaries of her various songs and albums, so stay on the lookout for what else she might have in store.