Check out How This Social Media Community Is Using Clothing to Spread Mental Health Awareness


In 2018 an Instagram community was formed called Self-Care Is For Everyone with the mission of providing a safe place for conversations about mental health. The community has expanded reaching people in over twenty countries and with their rising platform, they have been able to promote and spread Mental Health Awareness in a unique way. Independent artists partner with Self-Care Is For Everyone to create specialized prints for the site’s merchandise. Each separate design has its own creator making the site’s products much more intimate than your everyday shopping experience. Celebrities such as Debby Ryan have engaged with Self-Care Is For Everyone sharing their own experience with mental health through the artful clothing.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Self-Care Is For Everyone is providing a space where all are welcomed to come and feel heard, accepted, and loved. From their positive daily reminder posts to their playful yet meaningful clothing they are making a difference by creating a community of connection through self-care.


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The voice you hear most often is your own. Be kind to your mind and be gentle with yourself.🙏♥️ ( 🎨 by @lauraheartlines )

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